About Wink

Business Networking for Women in San Diego and Beyond

Our Story

Wink, Women Inkorporated® launched in San Diego in April of 2010, with a vision for making businesswomen’s networking better, more effective and of high integrity for all women in business.. Since that time, we have impacted thousands of women in business. 

Wink offers local networking events with professional business insights, ideas, relevant topics, interaction and referrals with other women in business.  This non-exclusive networking is for women that are professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, independent contractor, and consultants.

We offer a fun, welcoming, professional environment of high integrity.  Wink is the Link to Businesswomen’s Networking!

About Wink's Founder

Gina Alagata is the Founder & CEO of Wink, Women Inkorporated®, businesswomen’s networking company headquartered in San Diego. She is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience building, facilitating and leading professional women’s groups. By creating personal networking environments, she has enabled many communities of women in business achieve their goals, with proven results.

Known for her contagious, spunky spirit and genuine concern for women, she is unwavering in helping women fulfill their dreams. She resides in San Diego, CA with her husband, “Fantastic Four” children, and a rescue dog named Koa. Life is full, lively and never dull in her household and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Founder's Story

Wink was inspired by my older brother Darin Umbarger, who passed away in July 2022. He was the original inspiration behind Wink and the reason why Wink was launched in the first place. 

 I remember having a conversation with him several years ago when he told me, “Gina, I see you as owning your own business or being a CEO of a company.” His belief in me is what gave me the confidence to open my own business several years ago. 

So, in honor of my brother Darin, I am relaunching Wink this year. My goal is to impact as many women in business to go after their dreams in life and business as they borrow my belief in them as I did my brothers belief in me. You can do it; I believe in you!